Responsive, timely, kind and a great value. We used Walsh Limo service for our wedding and the entire process with the company was easy. Their Black SUVs arrived clean and ready to go!

The celebration of your love is the culmination of your dreams, hopes, and in some cases a great deal of work. It is your wedding day! Every detail has to be perfect from the guests to the locations to you, the center of attention on this most important day. Each step of your walk to the altar must be carefully planned and coordinated. You have planned everything in minute detail. And you continually ask yourself is there anything I have forgotten?

One step you must consider is transportation. How will you and the bridesmaids arrive at the ceremony? How will the groom and groomsmen arrive? What arrangements should be made for the parents of the bride and groom? How will you transfer everyone to the reception? How special must the method of transportation be? And how will you and your groom depart when the evening has ended?

Choosing the right vehicle is a very important decision. Do you need a limousine, a luxury sedan, an SUV, or possibly an executive bus to transport larger groups? The type of vehicle needs to be chosen based on the number of attendants and family members who need transportation to the events.

A limousine can hold up to 8 people.  A luxury sedan is perfect for a bride and groom who want to be alone. SUVs can hold 5 people in a very comfortable atmosphere. For really large parties, an executive bus may be the perfect solution as it will hold up to 14 passengers.

We have been in the limousine business for more than 25 years and can assist you in planning the perfect transportation solution. Let us help you make your day even more perfect as we alleviate the burden of helping the bridal party and families arrive at the service in style